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Full color deluxe gatefold, 180g gray vinyl printed by original artists! Fully opens to tree diagrams poster!

“Certainly this LP set new dimensions in cause of its unity of package and sound recordings. It is a walk through a mysterious forest. The flourishing and dieing process of our nature that hints at development or stagnation. A wonderful release.” – Quiet Artworks, Cologne (Köln), Germany
“That Record!” – Ron Lessard, RRRecords
“I could turn a lot of people on to that record!” – Aaron Dilloway, Hanson Records
“This is a field of action implied, in the many possibilities and several contextualities of time…”,“…projecting music outside the realm of musicology, with a well structured leap into the biological realm of sound and perception…” citing the IYS LP for example in note 56.
– excerpted from Part II of THE NOISE OF HISTORIES by Giancarlo Toniutti, posted on

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