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A large scale project came to its end. Deconstuctive music is heavy and serious conceptual project questioning the standards and shaking the prompts of contemporary music
28 artists were invited to contribute their artistic suggestions of what seems to be the music of the 21st century, music deconstucted to its initial elements or constructed from various fragments of sound, art and physical activity. Far beyond our expectations, the whole project ended up as a deep theoretical study on experimental music, covering every possible aspect! Incredible music works ranging from field recordings, tape collage, contemporary improvisations, reductionism, new industrial, laptop experimentation, glitch electronica, bizzare lo-fi, guitar noise to ambient and white noise…

Every work is supported by graphic designs, theoretical texts, artistic creations or photos, all packed in a deluxe seven inch case, making it a real art-object release. 3 CD-rs containing almost 3 hours of pure Futuristic music!>

Deconstructive music compilation includes the following artists: anthonny guerra, as11, ilios, ateleia, bill horist, carlos giffoni, chris forsyth + chris heenan, cpu, danny l, darkroom, david daniell, fervent, hood & rodgers, julien ottavi, kalorifeur, manuel mota, margarida garcia & alfredo costa monteiro, massaccesi, mattin, omnid, osso bucco, sean meehan, sinistri vs dimcoast, stasis duo, threnody ensemble, tmp, xabier erkizia, zeitkratze and ktirio b.
wire magazine [287 January 2008]

The Wire Magazine
not for the fainthearted, this fat triple cd package is a warren of dark alleys, with nasty surprises lucking around corners. The label is Greek, but the extreme, often austere experimentation is international. Osso Bucco and Julien Ottavi assault the listener with a savage, sandblasting racket, but the virtuoso of unpleasantness is Mattin, lulling us with a minute of silence before unleashing his shrieking electronic harpies. Others incline to vacant time-serving rather than sadism: did i miss something, or is that a ten minute recording of people nattering in the middle distance? There’s better: Sinistri Vs Dimcoast are a quartrt playing cyber jazz, slightly nauseous but bracingly odd.

There are three intriguing duos: Chris Forsyth & Chris Heenan, the pianissimo tension of Margarida Garcia & Alfredo Costa Monteiro, and particularly the prairie daydreaming of Paul Hood’s rumbling turntables with Michael Rodger’s Memphis gitar – lower case log cabin music. The nine-piece Zeitkratzer ensemble perform a piece by Reinhold Friedl, and Sean Meehan concocts a stretch of sonic magic: he seems to animate background sound, and the unstable elusive result, like an erased drawing, suggests an absence of normal sonics. As for the concept of “deconstructive music”, not even the compilers of this chaotic collection seem convinced of its validity. [Cline Bell]

textura magazine [July 2008]
A large-scale project of some significance, Deconstructive Music contains three hour-long CDs featuring works by twenty-eight artists who were asked to sonically represent 21 st -century music either deconstructed to bare form or constructed from various media fragments; enhancing the set are inserts that display corresponding images and sometimes supplementary text for the artists’ pieces. A product of Greek imprint More Mars, the release should be catnip for experimental music lovers, considering the involvement of artists like Carlos Giffoni, David Daniell, Osso Bucco, and Zeitkratzer; not surprisingly, given the range of contributors, a wide spectrum is covered: field recordings, voice experiments, industrial settings, fractured guitar pieces, ambient micro-sound, and seething noise variations that can be, shall we say, a bit hard on the ears (Fervent’s “Nerver 2,” Osso Bucco’s “Roofstop Gull,” Giffoni’s “Something Out of Nothing,” DannyL’s “ventolina”).

Ateleia’s (James Elliott) “Demystifying in Order to Mystify Better” immediately sets the mood with a combustible firestorm. Julien Ottavi opens his piece with a splatterstorm of noise and then punctuates passages of near-silence with pummeling blasts. At first heard alongside the high-pitched glisten of electrical wires, crackling and shuffling noises swell into a cyclone of violent activity in Anthony Guerra’s “Dry.” Threnody Ensemble works traditional Greek music samples in amongst its guitar drones, while the rich ensemble sound Zeitkratzer brings to Reinhold Friedl’s “Global Concern No 1” helps distinguish it from the other contributors’ less full-bodied pieces. There’s also Contemporary Punk Unit’s convulsive stabs and the biting squawk of Bill Horist’s electric guitars.

Deconstructive Music is reminiscent of one of those early Mille Plateaux compilations where the ideas of Deleuze and Guatarri were used as a prod for sonic exploration, with the Derrida-associated “deconstruction” concept the impetus in the present case. Listeners unfamiliar with its meaning (Ottavi likens “deconstructive music” to a strategy for “re-interrogating our relation to time and space through sound”) needn’t worry as the collection can be “enjoyed” on its own terms. Predictably, not all of it’s compelling—field recording settings by TMP and as11 go on longer than necessary, and Stasis Duo’s closing “11.42” is virtually silent—but there’s enough worth hearing to recommend it for adventurous listeners.

vital weekly [606]
To review compilations is never a task I enjoy. Not because of the music, but simply it’s not an easy task. Mention each track? The overall feeling? Concept? Selected highlights? Certainly when it comes to 29 track, three CDR set like ‘Deconstructive Music’ on the new Greek More Mars label. If there is a common theme or approach to be detected among this lot, I think, it’s the factor where improvisation meets noise meets silence. A lot of the contributors are ‘famous’ in that scene, mainly due to a slew of releases – we have here Bill Horist, Mattin, Omnid, Xavier Erkizia, as11, Carlos Giffoni, Ilios, Anthony Guerra and Stasis Duo – to mention a few names that pop up in Vital Weekly and of people who are most active in releasing CDRs. But this compilation can also serve as an introduction to new names, to mention say TMP, Threnody Ensemble, Sinistri vs Dimcoast and David Daniell. So far the facts – the music is as varied as possible. There is a lot of interesting noise things to be found among the lot, but throughout most people take a much finer line between noise and silence, and anything in between. The more experienced players in the field have the more interesting pieces, I thought (Guerra, Hood & Rodgers, Manuel Mota) and the cup for the strangest contribution goes to Sean Meehan, whose piece is almost silent, save for a digital glitch or two in about five minutes. The package comes with separate cards, for each track one, which the label required to be part of it. Most surprising name to find here is Zeitkratzer. [FdW]

Le label grec more mars a demandé à 28 artistes du sonore la conception de ce qui leur semble être la musique du 21ème siècle, c’est-à-dire une musique déconstruite, explosée et-ou reconstruite à partir de divers fragments. Participations sonore et graphique. Comme au bon vieux temps des compils K7, et du do-it-yourself ! Avec Anthony Guerra, as11, Ilios, Ateleia, Bill Horist, Carlos Giffoni, Chris Forsyth + Chris Heenan, cpu, Danny l, Darkroom, David Daniel, Fervent, Hood & Rodgers, Julien Ottavi, Kalorifeur, Manuel Mota, Margarida Garcia & Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Massaccesi, Mattin, Omnid, Osso Bucco, Sean Meehan, Sinistri vs Dimcoast, Stasis duo, Threnody ensemble, Tmp, Xabier Erkizia, Zeitkratzer et Ktirio b.
Tras varios años de elaboración (y espera) sale discretamente a la luz el triple recopilatorio “Deconstructive music”. Un enorme trabajo realizado por el sello griego Moremars que recopila 28 aportaciones de artistas sonoros de varios paises con predominancia de residentes europeos, sobre el concepto de deconstrucción. Cada aportación viene acompañada de diseños gráficos, textos teóricos o fotos. Participan: Mattin, Xabier Erkizia, ILIOS, As11, Julien Ottavi, Margarida Garcia & Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Anthony Guerra, Ateleia, Bill Horist, Carlos Giffoni, Chris Forsyth + Chris Heenan, cpu, Danny l, darkroom, David Daniell, Fervent, Hood & rodgers, Kalorifeur, Manuel Mota, massaccesi, omnid, Osso Bucco, Sean Meehan, Sinistri vs dimcoast, Stasis duo, Threnody ensemble, Tmp, zeitkratzer y ktirio b.
Hainbat urtetako lanaren (eta itxaroteren) ondotik argia ikusi du “Deconstructive Music” bilduma hirukoitzak. Moremars disketxe greziarraren lan ikaragarri honek munduko 28 soinu artisten lanak biltzen ditu, nagusiki europearrak, denak ere dekonstrukzioaren inguruan lanean. Ekarpen bakoitzak diseinu grafiko, idatzi teoriko edo argazkiekin lagundurik dator. Honako artistek hartzen dute parte: Mattin, Xabier Erkizia, ILIOS, As11, Julien Ottavi, Margarida Garcia & Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Anthony Guerra, Ateleia, Bill Horist, Carlos Giffoni, Chris Forsyth + Chris Heenan, cpu, Danny l, darkroom, David Daniell, Fervent, Hood & rodgers, Kalorifeur, Manuel Mota, massaccesi, omnid, Osso Bucco, Sean Meehan, Sinistri vs dimcoast, Stasis duo, Threnody ensemble, Tmp, zeitkratzer y ktirio b.

Η παρούσα συλλογή χρειάστηκε δύο χρόνια για να ολοκληρωθεί. Το όλο ηχητικό της υλικό συγκεντρώθηκε σε τρία περιποιημένα cd-r και 27 κάρτες, όσα δηλαδή και τα κομμάτια της, μιας και απαραβίαστος όρος συμμετοχής στη συλλογή ήταν ο κάθε (αντί) καλλιτέχνης να προσκομίσει και ένα συμπληρωματικό κείμενο, φωτογραφία ή σχέδιο. Η ιδέα πανέξυπνη μιας και οι κάρτες λειτουργούν σαν ψυχοθεραπεία με εικόνες ενώ μαθαίνεις και δύο πραγματάκια για αυτό που ακούς.

Πως να μη χρειάζεσαι ψυχοθεραπεία με το άκουσμα μίας από-κατασκευαστικής μουσικής που μόνος σκοπός της είναι η ίδια της η από-δόμηση! Τι πιο ενδιαφέρον η αναγέννηση μέσα από την ίδια της την αυτό-καταστροφή! Κομμάτια της συλλογής που ξεχώρισα, χωρίς αυτό απαραίτητα να σημαίνει κάτι, είναι το ακραία μινιμαλιστικό Sean Meehan – Sound, η ανακατασκευή γλωσσών Xabier Erkizia – Berbaoc, το βασανιστικά υψίσυχνο Anthony Guerra – Dry, το λιτά ρυθμικό Fervent – Nerver2, το σκοτεινά καταστροφικό Mattin – Destructive Music, το μηδενικά ζεστό Ilios – Mitsikeli + 10. Ενώ δε μπορώ να παραλείψω το μελωδικά αυτοσχεδιαστικό Bill Horist – Combination Plate και το αρκετά κωμικό να το πω; Threnody Ensemble – Now We Have A Rule.

Δεν σας αρκούν όλα τα παραπάνω; Η συλλογή είναι από-κατασκευασμένη σε συσκευασία 7ίντσου, ενώ για το τέλος θα κρατήσω τη φράση των Hood & Rodgers που ανοίγουν το τρίτο cd-r της συλλογής “deconstruction is like trying to remember a dream”, πιστεύω ότι αυτό τα περιλαμβάνει όλα. [garden in black]