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A unique combination of noise and physical torture. Layers of guitars, distorted voices, that, just this once, actually mean IT. Intense and totally out there, a choice not for the faint hearted.
Inspired more by the writings of William Burroughs, shamanic rituals, ecstasy through commitment in the mighty SOUND, than any band, singer, musician or whatever, out there. Nobody human anyway (so Helios Creed can be mentioned).
It was recorded live in the studio. No overdubs, or any kind of mix followed. No digital effect boxes, no microphone enhancers, nothing. Just a couple of prepared guitars, with their amps turned on to ear splitting volume.
It’s actually a performance. A performance few had the chance to watch, but keep busting my balls about it to this day. A one time inspiration that led to a maelstrom.
That was the Death TV. A band, now, no more. After another concert which evolved to an iconoclastic ritual, they split, rather messy. Boo – hoo.
Anyway, what we got here, is, plainly put, awesome and thought provoking stuff. So crank it up a notch, fucker.

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