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Lathelight Ltd. is very pleased to make this recording available! We could drone on and on about the pleasures of Tart. From the coy minimalism, the sense of twisted beauty and all sorts of ridiculous adjectives. To wit, we offer instead, words from band member Scott Foust

Tart was Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, and myself, Scott Foust. We formed in late 1999 and were active recording and performing through 2003. These two radio shows are anomalies in the Tart live archives. The first show, from 1999, was the first time we ventured out of the home to play live. We were in the midst of recording our first LP, Radio Orange, and had not yet worked out our Live System. While perhaps not as polished as our later live performances, I enjoy the sense of exploration on these recordings. You can also hear some of the elements that went into some parts of the first LP. By the time of the second radio show, our Live System was in full effect. Karla would sing a vocal sample into her Casio SK-1 and then start to play something that would become the engine of the piece. Graham played another (non-sampling) Casio and I played either guitar or my trusty shortwave/ cassette machine, while sometimes adding a loop from a pedal. This worked incredibly well. We became a well oiled live machine and we rarely rehearsed. (I ALWAYS want to rehearse before a live performance. Ask anyone.) We would usually do two 15 minute pieces, one with my playing guitar and the other with me playing the shortwave radio/ cassette machine. When we went to the radio show at WMUA in 2002, we expected we would be in a studio similar to the one we had been in before, so we only brought one plug strip ‘just in case’. Well, the ‘studio’ was more of an office with only two outlets. We worked out the limited gear we could set up and for this recording, Karla is on the SK-1, I am playing guitar, and Graham is handling the shortwave radio/ cassette machine. The piece came out so well, that we decided it would be stupid to do another one with our limited resources.

The Tart Live System was documented on the Tart Live Volume 1 cassette released by Pineapple Tapes. This tape will soon be reissued by Lathelight Ltd.

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