Suffering For The Promised



Being in the making – or un-making – for the past 14 years, Stefan Roigk’s »Suffering For The Promised« has gone through many stages, from being finished, revoked, left untouched, reworked, discussed to finally getting banned onto vinyl in its ultimate and irrevocable form. An atmospherically intense but yet utterly fragile piece, combining concrete sounds, field recordings and devotional vocal fragments to an eclectic and highly intimate composition, consolidating Roigk’s position as one of the top players in the game.

Edition of 316 copies on black vinyl, incl. full-colour inner sleeve w/ text by Stefan Roigk.

Stefan Roigk (b 1974) is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Berlin. Roigk deals with the borders between sound collages, sculptures, installations, film and graphical scores. His artistic strategy lays in the combination of different types of media to one single composition. Roigk’s previous musical works have been released by labels such as Tochnit Aleph and Senufo Editions.

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