Private Anarchy



When not capturing the sounds of everyday bric-a-brac for his tape collage duo Maths Balance Volumes or his solo project Termite Acropolis, Clay Kolbinger has been holed up in his Madison bunker for the past couple of years honing his personalized take on the rock idiom.

Recording virtually every part on his own, Private Anarchy’s eponymous debut documents Kolbinger’s efforts in an 11-track, 25-minute blast of finely crafted, D.I.Y. art-punk precision that connects the dots of virtually every worthwhile sub-underground shakedown from Manchester to Madison of the past five decades. The release brings to mind The Fall in places with its cryptic lyrics and tautly rhythmic playing, and Swell Maps in others with its loose form and primitive experimentation. But, make no mistake; this is entirely Kolbinger’s contemporary loner vision devised outside of any pseudo social media posturing. It’s his Private Anarchy. And we don’t feel the least bit hyperbolic dubbing this a future D.I.Y. punk classic.

Recorded 2015-16 in Madison, WI

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