Testament of The Trinity


默契 (pronounced ‘Moe-chee’ or ‘Mo-Qi’) is a phrase in Mandarin that has no direct English translation, but can variously be interpreted as ‘silent bonding’, ‘unspoken agreement’, ‘mutual understanding’, ‘tacit’, ‘in sync’.
Chun-liang Liu and Clinton Green are artists working together with dance, music, movement and sound. Their performances, often unofficial and in public spaces, seek engagement and interaction with audiences and passersby. 默契 describes their connection in performance.
Testament of the Trinity documents Day 6 of a 7-day performance piece End of April, Beginning of May that took place in 2015. Moe Chee met in the State Library of Victoria forecourt every day for a week, each day at a different time of day, always unannounced and staged without permission. On Day 6 Jen Callaway (of Hi God People, Is There A Hotline?) was their guest performer.
A magical recording that is both field recording of place and document of performance. For fans of Gabi Losoncy, Pauline Oliveros, Henning Christiansen, The Clifton Hill Music Centre and Hi God People. Open your ears and greet 默契.