SN (a path of chaos)


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Marc Baron is a french composer & alto saxophone improviser. Since 2008, he composes electroacoustic music using mainly recordings that processed with analog devices like Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders, cassettes etc. His work is already released by labels like Erstwhile, Potlatch & Glistening Examples. Also he has collaborated with Lucio Capece & Jean-Luc Guionnet.

“S<—>N (A path of chaos)” is his new sonic work including a long composition that unfolds in two parts. On the first side there is “Napoli’s tapes”, a Marc Baron’s exemplary music composition, that gives a glimpse into his work and approach to musique concrète. He is mixing mainly field recordings, found sounds, tape noise, etc, constructing indeterminate multilayered music “scenes” that rapidly cutup, creating the illusion of a single coherent narrative. On the second side, “Napoli’s tapes” is deconstructed completely by the analog process of over-polarisation of the magnetic tape. Marc Baron experiments with the disappearance of his composition by the tape hiss.

Mark Baron’s “S<—>N (A path of chaos)” is pressed to 80 copies.

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