Still Asleep


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Karen Constance is a Scottish contemporary avant-garde sound artist, painter and collagist. She is a founder member of Blood Stereo, along with Dylan Nyoukis and she has collaborated with various artists like John Wiese, Adam Bohman, Ludo Mich, Dan Melchior etc. Since 2006, Karen Constance experiments with analogue equipments and various tape players, using pre-recorded sounds and loops.

“Still Asleep” recorded during June/July 2020, to Wino Lodge studio. For this album Karen Constance uses mainly tape loops, made by electronic sounds, various synthesizers, spoken words etc. These repetitive motifs and hooks are manipulated with delay pedals, creating a rhythmical, sarcastic, dada-garde, imaginary soundscape.

“Still Asleep” is pressed to 80 copies.

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