La Formula Secreta De La Coca-Cola


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Fiesta Animal is a collective of artists [musicians, painters, interfering individuals…] from Uruguay, that join together their artistic suggestions and give us their own musical Idiom. Music that is deep influenced from 80s and 70s industrial and psychedelic music but also mixed with Latin American culture. The unorthodox way of the recording and the production, using tape recorders, give us a sense of an undiscovered legendary old tape. Lo-fi aesthetic meets freak out psychedelia and tropical rhythms. A big variety of instruments like metalophono, percussions, guitars, samplers … and the characteristic vocals of Ana Arioni and Adriana Navarro give us as a result, a musical construction that sounds more like a fiesta that leads you to spiritual trance. This cd-r comes out with a three page booklet full of graphic designs by Julia Saldain using scanner, paints, fax, pics, collages and much much more!

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According to the cover is an extended band from what seems to be Spain. This is definitely more up the alley of Vital Weekly, be it that it sounds like an early 80s recording of music. In those good old days of cassettes, it wasn’t all noise and mayhem, but also bands like Fiesta Animal. A free play of instruments, within the idioms of rock music. Musicians that couldn’t play their instruments right, but did it anyway, moving away from the three chord schematics of punk rock. No New York or the Ultra movement of 1981 in The Netherlands. Lydia Lunch meets Plus Instruments, if that means anything to anyone these days. Post punk music with an electronic edge, but then recorded recently with the attempt to record it like it sounded from those days. Very nice, very retro. [FdW]

The launch of the new Anarthria cdr series finds the More Mars team digging deeper into the fields of obscure sounds. The first instalment finely titled “La Formula Secreta de la Coca-Cola” is the effort of Fiesta Animal, a collective of artists from Uruguay who use percussion, tapes and murky noisy sounds to create ‘genuine’ lo-fi loops and rhythmic patterns. The record contains some nice examples of how the cassette lo-fi underground of the previous decades is still thriving: repeated percussive elements, noisy clamor and mumbled vocals allocated between some ‘proper’ tracks and a few other skits. I’d say that “La Formula…” bears some resemblance to the new weirdo-diy-no wave stuff that’s currently coming out of the US with groups like Wavves, Lucky Dragons et al., although some tracks (especially those containing some metallic percussion) took me almost 30 years back, to some Neubauten songs, circa Kollaps (Jet’m etc.). Pure, spontaneous fun…[|kollaps|]

Η μηχανή του χρόνου φτιάχθηκε κάπου στην Ουρουγουάη. Πίσω από φανταχτερές ηχογραφήσεις και καλογυαλισμένες παραμορφώσεις, πάλλεται στο ενδιάμεσο ρήγμα avant-pop, free jazz και greek 60’s soundtracks. Σαν να κοιτώ παλιές ασπρόμαυρες τηλεοράσεις, που μέσα από την χαλασμένη απεικόνιση και τις χιονισμένες αποκρίσεις, πηγάζει η οικογενειακή θαλπωρή μιας όμορφης σύναξης από το παρελθόν. Λατινοαμερικάνικες φωνές, κρουστά βγαλμένα από την Aφρικανική ήπειρο, αλλά και πολύ χλωροφύλλη από τους παγανιστικούς χορούς της εποχής του woodstock. Aγωνία, μυστήριο και περίεργα βλέμματα διαστρεβλωμένης μουσικότητας. Τι σημασία έχει πόσα μυστικά κρύβονται πίσω από την ύπαρξη της δεσποινίδας coca-cola. Εδώ τείνω να αγγίξω το παρθένο τοπίο από τα απομεινάρια της άγνωστης παράλληλης ύπαρξης μου. Με την εύκολη κρίση της ιστορίας του παλιμπαιδισμού, αναιρώ την πάγια αισθητική του μη-στέρεου και οδηγούμαι εκ του ασφαλούς στην κοιλάδα του Aμαζονίου. [fragile balloon]