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“instead of being worried with what is something, u should ask yourself what can u do with it”.This aphorism is always a central theme to fervent’s music and in a way it kind of summarizes “conjestion”, fervent’s first album. if u add to this that our world is much more complicated than in the past (in Koolhaas’ words we live in a culture of “congestion”) u have a fast answer to the eclecticism of this work that goes beyond “musical styles”. A wide variety of instruments and a variety of approaches to them is used. If u add to this a bunch of different styles (from electronica to mush up and from modern composition to chaotic guitars) what u have as a result is a strange and totally idiosyncratic amalgam. conceptually driven works with a drop of “mainstream”. In a parallel universe this could be a top ten record but for now this is respectfully the second release by the more mars team.
Guitar, numb keyboards, awkward field recordings + silly talks.
This release comes in handmade envelopes with a full color cart.