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Collaborative work between Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens (Aka Ross Scott-Buccleuch). A great sound-collage with both artists using a big variety of analogue sound sources and materials.

Brandstifter is a German interdisciplinary Artist and Networker, working with many different forms of art, in the spirit of Dada & Fluxus. He is a collagist, performer & musician, experimenting with happenings, visual poetry, as well as sound & music. His work is very diverse and provocative, expressed with his own words as a communicative means of social interaction to transform anarchic concepts from everyday life into burning-down-the-house Intermedia.

Diurnal Burdens (Aka Ross Scott-Buccleuch) is a sound artist and collagist, founder of Steep gloss experimental UK tape label. He is working with analogue sound resources. In this release he use many different sounds, making various loops using his DIY twin walkman tape looper!

Brandstifter: field recordings, voice mails, sound poetry snippets, German and English poems, streams of consciousness and ad hoc philosophy, Casio tunes and loops all from dictaphone.

Diurnal Burdens: homemade twin walkman tape looper, dictaphone, mobile phone field recordings, multi track loop pedal, modular synth, evil moisture chopper/masher, effects pedals

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