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Antti Tolvi is a self-taught Finnish musician known for his participation in groups like Avarus, Kemialliset Ystävät, Lauhkeat Lampaat, Päivänsäde and Rauhan Orkesteri.

Taikuri Tali is a typical example of finnish psychedelic folk music. A delectable solo work, not so minimalistic, as his first Pianoketo double LP on Fonal records, but a more trippy psychedelic one! His music takes on a meditative quality, with organ melodies & electronic noisy sounds. An amazing work and one of his best.

Ikuisuus “After free jazz period, after forest folk period, after india, minimalism, meditation, fishing and winter its time to take all these and put them in the same soup. Antti is still active in all these scenes, but this new one collects all together. First it sounds like turbo psychedelic street organ music, then outsider pygmi flute music, after that we jump to the rainbows, drop down to endless fields until we all eventually are joined together with sauna warm spirit.

During last year Antti made Pianoketo 2LP with Fonal, bunch of solo shows and as part of Lau Nau live band. Lots of noise with Jaakko Tolvi (Lauhkeat Lampaat) and Tero Kemppainen (Rauhan Orkesteri). Started super group Keijut (with Roope Eronen & Tero Niskanen (Avarus dudes)) and drank thousand cups of good green tea.

Recorded in Futon Studio. Kemiö Finland 2013”

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