Music for your shitty laptop speakers


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Music for your shitty laptop speakers is the first release by #alphasigma. It is an experimental composition based on field recordings as well as live recordings from the participants which took place in Underhouse Studios, Volos, Greece during the last three years. The resulting piece is a mixture of noise, drones and avid experimentation with an electronic approach.

#alphasigma is a collective which aspires to free artistic creativity, with an emphasis on music. It came to life four years ago by its main core, Lambros Zafeiropoulos and Spyros Charmanis, both music and art enthusiasts from an early age, both active musicians with many individual releases as well as collaborations under their belt. This release hereby marks a collaboration between them and theremin artist Eva Matsigkou.

Music for your shitty laptop speakers is an edition of 40 recycled 3.5″ floppy disks released by the experimental label hxoi kato apo to spiti (hxoi-04), each containing a complimentary sticker plus a download code for both the original and the disk version.

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