Dinner Free


“In lieu of flowers, please send beer.” The foie gras of Canterbury prog left uneaten and now home to iridescent maggots. 21st Century Band offers new excursions into redundancy and tonal dismay. Pathetic junk metal consumes itself amidst the banal landscape of public parks and fish hatcheries. The fever dream of Changez Les Blockers is reimagined as outtakes from National Health’s D.S. Al Coda. Tape collage distracts event from inception. An open air festival is caught from the other side of a canal. All we’re given is cheap percussion, feedback and bland field recordings. The leftovers of Italian PE are still in the fridge – Public Assault 2 & a little song of Rochester. Tupperware. Deference is paid to the waste basket in the kitchen and the creak of a screen door. We enter the endless backyard & it’s bad post-punk with an 8.6% ALC. content. Music should be left to the professionals, but where’s the fun in that? It’s almost as easy to live as it is to die.

Mastered by Sean McCann.

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