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Sounds on repeat: Allen Mozek’s Vitrine records

vitrine records

The last 3 years, I feel quite overdosed with all these new releases out there! What to choose? What to buy? Why at last I have to buy one of them? Most of the times I catch myself just scrolling on my pc, but at the end, I think that this situation leads me to get bored of music. For me, the most interesting way discovering new music is to stop searching it! What I really do is trust someone else’s personal musical taste! This practice works for me and I have to say that most of the times don’t regret my decision!

Because of my good luck, that is how I discovered Vitrine, a private pressing label. The best source to explore the label’s releases is through the excerpts that can be found on Vitrine’s youtube channel. Just play all the videos! What you would listen is Allen Mozek’s musical preferences. Allen is a Philadelphia-based musician and the man behind Vitrine records. The label focuses more on dada-garde, analog electronics and experimental sound.

Back in 2013, at the first steps of Vitrine, two personal works of Allen Mozek come out. The first was a cassette by Good Area ( check also their French Antarctica LP on Graham Lambkin’s Kye records!), an Allen’s collaboration with Gabi Losoncy and his own project No Intention. Both of them intrigued me, as I love to listen to all these primitivism noise patterns combined with real-to-real electronics and spoken words. But that was only the start of label’s history. In 2014 Vitrine started to expand and releasing works by Safe House, Gene Pick and a compilation, hosting names like Yeast Culture(!), Arv & Miljö, Matthew Hopkins etc. 2015 was a very active year for the label, listing a numerous of releases, all of them very unique pieces of music. If I have to list some of them I would defiantly mention Adam Bohman, Embudagonn 108 (japanise artist Nobu Kasahara’s project), blackhumour, 010001111000, C. R. Odette, Stephen Cornford (a great sound sculpture by the co-founder of Consumer Waste) and Stewart Skinner!

That’s all! Nothing more to say. Just check them out and enjoy your day with Vitrine’s sounds.