Musică Populară (Albanie, Bulgarie, Grèce, Hongrie, Moldavie, Roumanie, 1970-1980)

LP, Freuq Et Repreuq, 2015

Discription: LP


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Compilation folk music from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.

A1 is taken from Kosta Kolev (Balkanton BHA 1323) and given as “Kotel, Ruchenista”.
A2 is taken from Balkanton BHA 2125.
A3 is taken from Акордеон (Balkanton BHA 402).
A4 is taken from Bucovine (Electrecord STM-EPE 0963).
A5 is taken from Electrecord EPE 02668.
A6 is taken from Electrecord ST-EPE 0719.
A7 is taken from Balkanton BHA 11034.
B1 is taken from Pathe 7 EGC 2.
B2 is taken from Music-Box EMB 403.
B3 is taken from Gorj (Electrorecord STM-EPE 0803).
B4 is taken from Mărie, Oșanca Mea / “Horea Găinii” De Pe Iza / Mare Ploaie-a Fost Azi Noapte / Jocul Poienarilor / Zi-i, Ceteraș, De Băut / “De-nvîrtit” De Pe Iza (Electrorecord EPC 10175).
B5 is taken from Muzică Populară Muntenească Și Oltenească (Electrorecord EPE 0382). The track is wrongly credited to Muzică Populară Muntenească Si Oltenească which in fact is the name of the initial release.
B6 is taken from Topic 12T54.
B7 is taken from Gyimesi Népzene (Hungarian Folk Music) (Hungaroton SLPX 18145).
B8 is taken from GOST 5289.

Issued in a folder more than a sleeve (it doesn’t close and there is no glue or lack of it, no spine either), it is handnumbered on bottom back. Stamped labels. It was sold with a small insert saying this record was created to help the protestation against the creation of an airport next to Nantes, in the Western part of France. It also comes with 2 postcards representing the French police fighting against the defenders of the zone. Those postcards were printed by

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