Bilo Jednom Na Balkanu

LP, monofonika, 2013

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The Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol IV: Bilo Jednom Na Balkanu LP edition is the fourth compilation from this exciting series, documenting the unofficial history from one of the most important industrial, electronic music scenes of the 80s. The Ex-Yugoslavia Electronica music compilation includes some of the local heroes of the scene, active from 1980 to 1989.

This fourth volume of the project focuses on “what is electronic music?”. Finding the balance between available and so far found materials with all its electronic and non-electronic characteristics, between the objective and the subjective understanding of its quality, the fourth installment strikes, I hope, the optimum of what all of us deem important – a well-rounded compilation of quality electronic music monuments of all genres.

A1. Saniboj – Death of Vesna’s, Alone II – 1978-1983
(Sound project by keyboardist and electrical engineer Saniboj Žugić. The material was recorded at home, Zagreb, 1978-1983. It was recorded with a Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes and sanisint, a prototype synthesizer which he created in 1977. Previously unreleased.)

A2. Autopsia – Red Nights – 1982
(Multimedia art group founded in 1980 in Ruma, Serbia. The track was first released in their cassette album “Oscularum Infame” in 1987. Works by Autopsia has been published by Staalplaat, Hypnobeat and Gymnastic Records.)

A3. Metropolie Trans – Disonmonia – 1989
(Sound project by Goran Lišnjić and Đurđa Otržan. They use synthesizer, tape, found sounds and voice. Home recording by Goran Lišnjić in Osijek, 1988/89)

A4. Roderick – Bilo jednom na Balkanu – 1987
(Branko Kostelnik and Roman Baić sound project, built its esthetics on a gothic worldview and an affinity for multimedia. They use vocals, fx, percussion, tape and rhythm-machine programming. Firstly released on their album “Bilo jednom na Balkanu”, in 1987.)

A5. Janez Matičič – Fuzije/Fusions op.51 (edit) – 1979
(Janez Matičič is a pioneer Slovenian composer of electroacoustic music. In 1961 he attends the “Concert de bruits” produced by Pierre Schaeffer. He has collaborate with Schaeffer’s Groupe de Recherches Musicales. This track is previously released on his “Extasis – Electroacoustic Music”)

B1. C.Z.D. – V kali zatreti – 1985
(Center za dehumanizacijo is a radical hardcore, post-punk, no-wave bands in Yugoslavia, formed in Maribor by Dušan Hedl – guitar (vocals), Bojan Tomažič (bass), Miroslav Bertoncelj (Korg MS 10, cassette player).

B2. Fritz und Hans – Ich habe allebeide – 1983
(Faris Stanković, Žanko Andrić and Robert Banić trio, based their music on the German “Neue Deutche Welle” movement. This track is unreleased material founded by lack as the most of their tapes ware destroyed.)

B3. Gino de Gagi i Nivnite Strasti – Kambanite – 1985
(New Wave synth-pop group)

B4. Grad – Gradsko šetalište – 1982
(previously unreleased material by Vladimir Tasić, Julije Dondo, Aleksandar Kulić and Siniša Ilić, formed in Novi Sad.)

B5. Nezaboravan san o… – Grad obojen ledom – 1989
(Synth-pop group, formed in Zagreb. Their music was published by label FV Založba. They had open the gig of Clock DVA, in Zagreb, in 1980)

Read more about the Ex Yugoslavian electronica scene to our Community zine and the article Tales from the Ex-Yugoslavian electronica scene of the 80s

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Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol IV: Bilo Jednom Na Balkanu LP inner sleeve Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol IV: Bilo Jednom Na Balkanu inner sleeve 2


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