Diktatura, Humor, Agresija

LP, monofonika, 2012

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The Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol III: Diktatura, Humor, Agresija LP edition is the third series of compilations about the unofficial electronic history from the undiscovered scene of the Ex-Yugoslavia, active from the decay of 1980. These LP compilations are managed to organize the sound material into thematics and presenting us The industrial, No Wave, noise and electronic music that formed in the Ex-Yugoslavia.

The Third volume “Compiler’s Notes on Dictatorship, Humour and Aggression” focus on the most “electronic” part of the movement which owes its existence to the home grown movements.

A1. Strukturne ptice – Bojom flora
(Unreleased tracks from this art group of musicians, performance artists and theatre lovers based in Rijeka, in Croatia.)

A2. Aporea – Mir prezhde rozhdestva
(Goran Trajkoski (Padot na Vizantija, Mizar, Anastasia) and Zoran Spasovski project from the reagion of Macedonia. Their sound could be labeled as a ritual industrial band with electroacoustics and traditional, folk influences.)

A3. Rex Ilusivii – In the Mooncage IV.
(Pioneer electronic composer Mitar Subotić aka Suba was born in Novi Sad in 1961. In his “In The Mooncage’ series, he mixes electronic music and Yugoslav folk tunes. An enigmatic work that were awarded by UNESCO. His “In the Mooncage IV” is one of his most wonderful compositions. He died tragically in 1999)

B1. Mario Marzidovšek – Bio-Industrial 4
Slovenian pioneer noise-industrial artist Mario Marzidovšek was one of the most notable artists of the scene. A local hero, that manage to publish more than 50 cassette releases for just 4 years, most of them published and distributed from his privately owned label in Yugoslavia, mail-art, concerts, events and performances.

B2. Strukturne ptice – Zbog zvuka i pobudjivanja

B3. Jozo oko gospe – Reci Omm
Zagreb based project of Vanja Spirin and late Marko Tanhofer. The song included on this LP is a demo featured on ‘041 Compilation’ by Siniša Bizović and his The Institution programme.

B4. Imitacija života – Headline
Željko Serdarević (music) and Darko Fritz (slide projections), art group from Zagreb founded in 1987 and split up in 1990. This is a true undiscovered pearl of the Yugoslav art scene, that was rejecting usual stage standards and techniques of performing, so the output was series of mixed-media projects involving music, design and performance.

B5. Smiles of Fortune – Geisha Tit
Croatian musician Robert Hrušovar, formed as Smiles Of Fortune using synths.


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Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol III/ Diktatura, Humor, Agresija Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol III/ Diktatura, Humor, Agresija Ex-Yu-Electronica-Vol-III-Diktatura-Humor-Agresija-cover


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