Automated Evangelism

Cassette, Vitrine, 2016

Discription: Cassette

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September 3, 2016 12:53 pm Published by

Piano denouement and the bare scraps of a dance recital. Vitrine is honored to present new work by London-based artist Tom White. In less than a decade of public performance, White has amassed an impressive oeuvre stretching across a multimedia platform including, but not limited to, installation, film and sound art. Automated Evangelism compliments previous releases on storied labels such as Chocolate Monk, Alien Passengers and Imminent Frequencies. Radio and wind bear witness to sonic intervention. An obstinate clarion. Vibrant new realities manifest through the forensic trace of tampering. Moments unfold in sequences of sense rather than chronology. Placing one foot in front of the other creates an inevitable trail. The physical motion of tape mirrors the cadence of footsteps. As spatial and temporal continuity is dissolved by method of the hand and ear, it’s replaced by a mental continuity – the closed loop revolving amidst thinking. Automated Evangelism’s play of the uncanny and dissonant against coherent unity is reminiscent of the light surrealism of John Hudak or Damian Bisciglia, but the pleasures herein remain distinct to White. A constant mystery of performance autonomously folds back into studied archive. Overheard brilliance, tape, presence – it approaches beauty.

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