Double Jupiter

Cassette, Vitrine, 2016

Discription: Cassette

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September 3, 2016 12:47 pm Published by

Vitrine is proud to announce Double Jupiter, common sense’s latest casualty from Newcastle-based project Posset. Joe Murray, the artist responsible for Posset, is a tireless advocate of what he terms the No Audience Underground, both through critical writings on uncommon sound in Radio Free Midwich and via his own output, which is a promiscuous celebration of collaboration, casual encounter and mistake as annunciation. The Posset back catalog offers prismatic forays into the outliers of recorded concussion. This latest cassette follows a seven inch released earlier in ‘16 on the singular IDDB imprint and offers private reconnaissance from similar territory. Double Jupiter is a strange bird of mottled plumage -telltale dictaphone, appropriation, musicality as estrangement, and phlegmatic evocations of Bob Cobbing. Sound poetry from the vantage point of language’s collapse. Murray allows tape’s physicality to dictate texture and taste, while voice locates a gentle humanity amidst the fray. There’s a sense of automatic composition as collation. There’s no common sense, but Murray maintains a more holistic sense across the two visionary sides of Double Jupiter. A pickled albatross of detained ecriture. The goose shat silver dollars and each one was pure gold.

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