Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal

LP, Ricerca Sonora, 2012

Discription: LP

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Philip Corner is an American composer, known mostly from his participation in Flux movement. Today, he is leaving in Italy where he made the recordings that can be found on this record.

“Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal” presents three previously unpublished compositions by Philip Corner recorded in various locations.

On side 1 “Ear Wave” (Venice, October 1994) is a long piece for Korean cymbal in water: an ecstatic composition recorded and played outdoor by Phil Corner; acousmatic interjections of metallic resonances and subtle water sounds; you can listen the distant sound of the midnight bell of San Marco in Venice.

On the second side the track “Gong/Ear” recorded in June 1990 (S.Andrea di Rovereto, Italy) Phil Corner plays gong together with rain and thunder for an abstracted and strongly emotional track.
Followed by “I Respiri/The Breaths” an avant-garde composition for alphorn and gong recorded in 1992 (at Teatro Scandicci).

In very few words, Philip Corner is one of the most important figure in the American avant-garde.

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Philip Corner (flux) LP Italian air on Ricerca Sonora


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