Cassette, No label, Vitrine, 2016

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September 3, 2016 1:20 pm Published by

Haunted by Takayoshi Kitajima and hung out to dry. No Intention is ready for the World Stage. Rabelais cycles all the way through inspiration and back to cliche. Entry level tape collage and weak mic feedback run in circles around the presets on a Roland box amp. This latest cassette is something of a digression / extended footnote on the recent Representative Works, in keeping with the tangential glossolalia of Don Quixote or Gormenghast. Text and voice is for the most part dispensed with. Who misses it? The waste of literature is laid bare via false starts, performative mistake and the bleakness of interruption. Simple black holes for small lives. Abortive guitar and rhythm box miniatures stumble towards the Weird Noise E.P. before dissolving into shameful TNB worship and karaoke run throughs of the nova musicha back catalog. Junk metal and rudimentary contact mic fumbles refer back to a general dismissal of reason and significance. Somehow context remains intact. Daniel Spoerri can’t find where he left his wallet. Regret is no different than spinning the dial of a radio. Featuring contributions from T.D. It feels good to be wrong. Please hold your applause until the curtain falls. Now available.

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