Stitched Phenomena

Cassette, Pentiments, 2017

Discription: CS, lmted 100 copies

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“Wind-as-main-trigger affected aspects of nearby trees during the 60s-90s simultaneously with leif BRUSH’s solar powered terrestrial Terrain Instrument constructions – equipped for multiple monitorings from all local analog vibrations via pre-amped sensor output varieties – and were combined with the Jerry Chamkis synthesizer and Kosmophone; multiple year recordings are layered using these sound sources and the master 12-inch reel was released, full version – this copy, on two tracks in 2005”

Leif Brush (USA) is a pioneer of sound art with a fascination for nature. He studied art at the School of the Arts Institute in Chicago. Some of the work he made as a studient already contains the elements that would come to play a central role in his later work. For example, one of his projects was a huge wind harp built on the school roof. Brush later became a professor at the University of Minnesota. He gradually developed his Permanent Forest Terrain in the wooded garden at his home.

Edition of 100 copies.
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