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Guido Gamboa is an American sound artist and the man behind Pentiments label. Pentiments may grab your attention with the very exiting re-issues of Leif Brush works. Guido is a very talented musician, focusing on electroacoustic music. He uses various of sounds, from field recordings to object sounds and electronics, mixing them in a very acousmatic way, with the outcome to be very interesting and fresh.

His “2018: Recent Amelioration of Lingering Proprioceptive Issues, Elimination of Winter Coat Improves Muscle Tension” is his new and very promising full length album. In my opinion this is his best release, until now. Listen it loud to your sound speakers, could be a great joy.

Guido Gamboa wrote these words about this new work, for you that you are need some more info:
“My original approach was that of a fairly standard concrète bricolage that has characterized my previous work. I found upon listening back that the resulting semiotic content of the sounds used were not far from suggesting the type of peripheral agitations that buttress a well-hidden fragility of temperament at any given time: respiratory tics, the surfacing of unbecoming affectations, possibly born of circadian disturbances and their unconscious dream residue, and others. I had then decided that the most fitting lens through which to view these works is that of these physiological aberrations being logged, as in aural data entries, as the main determinants of these formal particularities. “Corporo-material conditions” may perhaps precede my supposed choices in providing a means to navigate these recordings and place them within a scope of intent. Perhaps a more succinct title for this release would have simply been “Physiology Music.” In any case, one could listen in search of entertaining terminals, as one would skim a TV guide while waiting at the pharmacy or veterinarian’s office.”
released August 22, 2018

Mastered by Sean McCann

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