Fluxus Anthology Volume 1

2XLP, Slowscan, 2004

Discription: 2XLP

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After releasing the influential 8-cassette box ‘Fluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound Events’ in 1994, Slowscan editions put together the ‘Fluxus Anthology Vol 1’ as a limited edition double LP of 350 copies. Most of the recordings are previously unreleased or deficult to find. Fluxus Anthology Volume 1 includes recordings by dick higgins’ 1961 “in memorian” (”the piece was made by assembling loops of a dub of a phonograph record of 16th century dance music. the dance is heard, simultaneously, up the 16 times as slow as the original, backwards as well as forwards, giving a sort of cinematic effect”) …
robert watts’s 1969 “string record composition” (simply astounding early harsh-noise piece utilizing the composer’s “string record” – “a 12 inch diameter wooden disc (ordinary lp size) which has string glued to it, forming the playing grooves” – listen to the sound-sample) … joe jones’ 1980 “5 piano pieces” (dark, clanking piano drones – way too brief) …yasunao tone’s 1961 “anagram for strings” (performed here by malcolm goldstein & takehisa kosugi) …… plus sound-poetry, field-recordings, and early plunderphonics from al hansen, mieko shiomi, ay-o, carolee schneeman, ben vautier, and eric andersen … highly recommended !!! (Mimaroglu)

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