Industrijski Elektro Obvodi Na Severu

LP, monofonika, 2011

Discription: limited edition

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The Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol II: Industrijski Elektro Obvodi Na Severu LP edition is the second publication of a series that is about the unofficial electronic history from the Ex-Yugoslavia undiscovered scene, active in the 1980s. These LP compilations are a great documentation, organized carefully into thematics, presenting us The industrial, No Wave, noise and electronic music that formed in the Ex-Yugoslavia.

Ex-Yu Electronica, volume II is dedicated to “Industrial electro bypasses in the north, In memoriam Mario Marzidovšek”. It focuses on the Maribor scene, in Slovenia and all these creativity of those involved in the Slovenian Northeast cohesion.

Abbildingen Variete – Intro
Abbildingen Variete – Live I @ studio Aljaževa
Abbildingen Variete – Live II @ studio Aljaževa
Slovenian ritual industrial, formed by Marko Ornik, Goran Majcen, Branko Mirt, Igor Zupe, Darko Senekovič alias Leonard Rubins. They were a Multimedial experimental collective from Maribor (Slovenia), active from 1983 to 1984.

Peter Tomaž Dobrila – Vključiva privlak
Peter T. Dobrila – Marijopecviliinrudi
Electrical and computer engineer and musician who focuses on the creative use of new information and communication technologies.

Stana – Pisalni stroj
Stana was Stanislav Klavzer. The song “Pisalni stroj” was recorded in 1980 on a reel-to-reel machine.

Side B:
Mario Marzidovšek – Undertaker
Mario Marzidovšek – Unknown
Mario Marzidovšek was a multimedia artist: the most prominent representative of mail art in Slovenia. Has established himself as a visual artist in institutionalized art. He created and published fanzines, the most important of which was Štajerski poročevalec in which he connected the non-institutional cultural scene of NE Slovenia. He contacted and has collaborated with various extreme musicians around the world.

Klopotec – Voice
Klopotec was a joke duo by Branko and Dušan Hedl, who recorded with electronic instruments, effects but primarily with old organs to a tape recorder. They were virtually unknown to the public in the 1980s, since the duo ‘performed’ only to friends at birthday parties and the like.

Študentsko delavski rock teater v opoziciji – Milica policija
It was a performance project, that used sound simply for the basis of ‘philosophical’ or social commentary performances. The project began in 1982 with two members, Radko Bračko and Dušan Hedl, who collaborated before in one of Slovenia’s first punk groups, Masakr.

CZD – Hanging paradise
CZD is a punk band. They used electronic instruments like the Korg MS 10 monophonic synthesizer and a cassette recorder as a sampler. In the beginning of the 1990s CZD dabbled in electronic music and recording with an Atari computer – one of these songs, “Hanging Paradise” is part of this compilation.

HUM – Autobahn
Hum is a project that ran alongside the punk (guitar) band CZD when Atari computers became available. The song Autobahn was recorded at Robi’s studio in Ljutomer, also featuring an Akai sampler and Roland keyboard, with Klaus Dieter Požgan reciting.

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