Cassette, no label, 2016


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…for every social category that is privileged, one or more other categories are oppressed in relation to it. The concept of oppression points to social forces that tend to press upon people and hold them down, to hem them in and block their pursuits of a good life. Just as…”

“…standardization, instrumental efficiency, impersonal technique, casual determinism and enforced passivity” (Haslam, 2006, p.260). In Redeker’s terms, while animalistic dehumanization…”

Tilly defines exploitation as powerful, connected people deploying resources from which they draw significantly increased returns by coordinating the effort of outsiders, whom they…”

The radio continues to transmit, even if no one listens. Sound is always being made, sometimes it is recorded. Music sits down at the table, but the plates are in the sink. “I eat every night, but I don’t do this every night.”

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