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Pablo Picco is an Argentinian musician, known most as a member of O+yn (Omasin), a post-form improv quintet, active from 2008 in the Psychedelic folk scene, with various releases on labels like Ikuisuus, Taping Policies, Lal Lal Lal, etc.

In 2012 Pablo Picco and María Victoria Arener traveled through the chaotic hinduist faith cities (Varanasi), zones of strange asian mixed cult (Bhubaneswar), lonely and romantic woods (Darjeeling), breathtaking introspective buildings (Kathmandu), and many other vibrant and unknown places, filming and recording their experience.

“The bombastic and Repetitive Sounds Of Tashi Ling Buddhas In Pokhara, Nepal” is a sound mix of Pablo Picco and María Victoria Arener’s trip. The first side is inclouding field recordings by the Buddhis ceremony in Pokhara Nepal, that took place on the 6th of February, 2012. Side b includes various recordings from river, caves and a wedding band, recorded on the same day between 10 AM and 18 PM. The cassette include a 40min mix of their experience, and absolutely ethnological document, that is already documented as a full length experimental film under the name “Kalinga Utkal”.

Edition of 100 copies.

more info: https://kalingautkalthefilm.wordpress.com, https://bardotodolmonofonia.bandcamp.com

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