flexi-disc, Music 'A La Coque, 2015

Discription: Single Sided postcard, 250 copies


Price: 6.00 €
April 26, 2016 4:20 pm Published by

Jad Fair, vocalist and mastermind of Half Japanese, with the band Strobe Talbot (Nick Hobbs, Beng Gallaher, Andy Fisher), in a 33 rpm postcard flexi record of a song titled “Hunger”. Remember the flexi-disc postcard? The Italian label Musique à La Coque specialises in irregular rock, freeform jazz, noises, no wave, un-folk, kitsch electronic, children melodies, stop rock, and fart punk. So why not choose a format that is thought to be obsolete and therefore all the more suitable for a Jad Fair project?

This is a postcard flexi-disc record that can be played on your record player.
Limited edition of 250.

Cool object for Jad’s fans and addicted music collectors !

Artwork from Jad Fair himself.

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postcard flexi disc by Jad fair