Saturday's Notes

LP, Pentiments, 2015

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February 9, 2017 12:26 pm Published by

“Guido Gamboa was a name I did not know until he contacted me. I am glad he did. Saturday’s Notes is a superb LP, somewhat in the early 80s UK experimental tape scene mode, but also with elements of Musique Concrète and a perhaps more modern, or at least cleaner sound. The music is very well organized. Tappings, groanings, squeaks, hissings, and field recordings. I have heard way too many ‘soundscape’ recordings over the last few years and am somewhat dubious as to the future of this style. However, Gamboa’s LP is top notch throughout. Saturday’s Notes is somewhat similar to the aesthetic of the Vitrine or Crisis Of Taste labels, while at the same time being a bit more considered and less crude. Top notch work.” – Scott Foust, Swill Radio

“. . .he does a great job. All of these pieces are densely layered with
sounds, cut and stuck together in an imaginative way, full of tension and dynamics. The seventh piece is a short, noisy beast that puts a distinctive end to the music; it has been a great ride through the big city, filled with cars, bars and industrial wastelands and occasional quietness.” – Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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