Aura Deterrent

Cassette, Vitrine, 2016


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May 25, 2016 4:26 pm Published by


Vitrine is proud to announce Aura Deterrent, further record of psychic boredom on the lowest rung of the food chain courtesy Detroit’s Church Shuttle. Mic drops, feedback, tape marginalia and rhythm box as cousin to mundane dread. The bare minimum of song and notion confuse field recordings and an overloaded surge protector. Church Shuttle’s Chris Durham has documented the dullness of continuous living across projects such as Growth Program, the Bibs, Ivory & Gauze and Quilt Boy while co-running All Gone Records and Tapes. Voice binds empty air by way of sleep paralysis. Call it motivational speaking. Gullies of cellphone interference sputter from a shot amp.

Aura Deterrent follows a triathlon of small-run cassettes released on labels such as Alien Passengers, Fag Tapes and Nostilevo. Durham charts daily doldrums and migraines through misdirection of event and disregard. The audial tangle of these four tracks betray a sober attention to deadpan journalism and private testimony. The Industrial and post-Fluxus driftwood of Rod Summers and Storm Bugs crash into bedroom retardation and an instrument-less prog which is as informed by Dennis Duck as it is Henry Cow. Dull junk malfunctions or maybe just stops. Everything comes together. No ten dollar minimum at this party store.

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Church Shuttle - Aura Deterrent, cassete, Vitrine 2016