Videobasic - untitled cassette on Canti Magnetici



, Canti Magnetici, 2016


I never heard of Videobasic before, but I have to say that I am always curious on new stuff from the experimental artists and labels from Italy, as I believe that they have a quite interesting noise and electronic local scene.

Videobasic is the new project by Michele Mazzani (drones) & Gabriele Gotini (electronics). Previously, the group released a bunch of tapes on Lonktaar, Mazzani’s label, with silkscreen artworks, sprayed tapes etc, most of them released in a very limited number of copies, that most of them were sold on their live shows.

This “untitled” C40 is probably their first widely circulated work, which come out on Canti Magnetici label, based in South Italy. The release includes three untitled tracks, all of them recorded using manual electronics and tape loops. Sonically, Videobasic manages to present us a trippy psychedelic experience, constructing a hypnotic moody environment. They structure their music with chill-mode minimal drones and layers of junk electronics, made by circuit bended instruments. Untitled I & III use as a base monotonous drone rhythms, while the tape loops and the electronics layering textures of a more genuine sense of exploration. “Untitled I”I is more abstract and adventures, making a collage of tape manipulation and absurd sounds.

I really enjoy of this release and that sound pretty exciting. I will defiantly keep an eye to these guys!

Canti Magnetici site

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October 22, 2016 9:34 pm

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