uton - Ummet ja Lammet [Cassette, ikuisuus, 2015]


Ummet ja Lammet

, ikuisuus, 2015


For years, I am a consistent listener of the Finnish music scene, as it hosts one of the most exciting folk-psych music community. Jani Hirvonen (aka Uton) is an active member of the local scene from 2001. Being a very productive musician, he has produced a great number of solo releases. I noticed his work in 2006 when I received a copy of Mutantea’s “Sleepy Sounds Electric” cdr, a project formed with Anla Courtis and Kulkija. On 2013 I had the opportunity to work with him, reissuing his Kahe+ on moremars. His new album “Ummet ja Lammet” just come out on Ikuisuus, one of the most respectful labels in Finland, that has already released works by local pioneer heroes like Avarus, Tsembla, Antti Tolvi, Keijo etc.

This new, very limited edition cassette, includes 8 tracks with a total time of 50.05 min. From the very first minute, I had the sense that this new album would be more electronic rather than drone, comparison with previous releases. Uton experiments more with loops, cosmic sounds, synthesisers and electronic sounds, mixing them with various live session recordings. What I found most exciting on this album is the first Elaman Kudoksia track, a 20-minute long composition, which presenting us a very interesting music collage of smaller trippy parts. The Kehitys and Tahan Asti’s electronic abstract grooves that gradually lead us to a more psychedelic organic parts. The good guitar vibes of Elossa Edelleen and the last enigmatic Siirto with its artful mess and the unexpected ending. Uton, with his maximalist approach to music, is managing to embrace heterogeneity, giving us multiple colliding sonic themes that are combined very carefully, structuring, at last, a very inspired psychedelic mosaic. Nice piece of music, as always!


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December 19, 2015 1:57 pm

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