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This Heat | Health And Efficiency | Deceit

, Light In The Attic, 2016


The legendary band This Heat, formed in 1976 in London by Charles Bullen, Gareth Williams & Charles Hayward (occasionally drummer of the anarchist punk band Crass), are going to repress groups older, hard to find material.
On a period that punk music started to explode, This Heat made their first appearance to a wider audience in 1977, when they had their first radio airplay on John Peel radio show. Their first homonymous album, was released on Piano records in 1979. it was characterised by its dark eerie atmosphere and the heavy use of tape manipulation. In 1980 Health And Efficiency, a 20 min EP, come out, with the band presenting us the homonymous art-rock track and the Graphic/Varispeed, an ambient tonal composition, produced mostly with tape loops. In 1981 This Heat released their Deceit. Deceit destined to be remain in history as one of the most influential post-punk albums and now seen as a classic masterpiece of the avant punk era. This last album was mixed by reggae producer Martin Frederickis and come out on the historical Rough trade label.

All of these rare material are going to be released very soon, on January of 2016 by Light In The Attic records on LP. Highly recommended for the lovers of post-punk and progressive rock.

Link: light in the attic


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December 20, 2015 10:25 pm

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