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, resdatcom15, 2014


The recording starts with really thick sounding static-like noise. To put it poetically/metaphorically, persistent middle spectrum frequencies fade in along with heavily distorted echoes of really distant beats and crashes on otherworldly surfaces. And this is what popped in mind a few minutes into it. It sounds like something is happening in the presence of a machine, maybe a household one. It could be a vacuum cleaner or it could be a jet plane. There is no scale in sound, there is space but space can be deceiving. There is so much activity in the background that I can not really identify the source (I later read that this is probably detuned radio). After almost eight ear pounding minutes it becomes even more violent as it is enriched with one more layer followed by low frequency noise after a few minutes white/brown noise whatever. The track fades out in the end. This description evolved into a kind of objective approach or something, maybe more than necessary.

This release from the resdatcom label comes as a 3 inch cdr in folded and glued paper in the same size that for my reading of this untitled album supplements the concept of the album by one-man noise project RU/ST. RU/ST comes from Zaporozhie in East-Ukraine and he is also the owner of HMF Graphics.

I was lucky enough to receive one of the first 15 copies in which the cover is a fullcolour print with blockprinted logo stenciled on the front panel and that was really important as i will try to explain in demystifying or even more mystifying this release.

The cover has been methodically treated to remind the texture of rust on metal. I don’t really care that this is not real rust. I believe that this is exactly the wrong path to follow in order to understand this work. Maybe you don’t have to understand this work and just enjoy or something but then you don’t need to read a review, go find the thing, scroll down and visit the resonan site. I believe that the way that the cover is treated as a simulation is conceptually intended to be like that. Its not a accident of sorts. It is the point punctuated with the project’s name. That of the use of metaphors in trying to communicate a specific feeling. And words are nothing closer to feelings but rust to metal. Feelings could be understood as irrational reflexes on situations that are too complicated to rationalise. Feelings effect in going beyond the stillness of time that comes with rationalisations and allow us to respond, to transcend our inertia which is stillness. Rust is the only natural becoming of metal, a reaction to specific environmental conditions. It can’t exist on its own, it corrupts the element but at the same time functions as a testimony of its substance. I understood the recording in the same manner. Not as distorted but as corruptive of the sources, noise is not the point, the point is the process, this work focuses in its making but not a procedural way, a hands on, realtime, time-ful making that vibrated the body, that makes the ears bled.

Personally I consider reviewing limited edition releases a heavy responsibility. Sometimes I believe that these words could be a more far reaching testimony than the recordings themselves. It’s an honour for me but they kind of bring to mind eulogies.

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December 11, 2015 4:51 pm

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