Vyazkiy Sharab | resonan - Tension / Friction (resdatcom 2015)


Tension / Friction

, resdatcom, 2015


Two tracks is the count for this 5” cd-r release which is a collaboration between Vyazkiy Sharab from Novosibirsk, Russia and Resonan from Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The release is the result of the exchange of recordings between the two contributors that evolved in “Tension / Friction”. According to the press release the starting point of this project was a mutual interest in minimal static, droning sounds and exactly that’s the name of the game in the first track “Tension”.

“Tension” starts abruptly and is built on static buzz that is composed from two separate layers. The first layer is static noise while the second is the result of heavy delay and feedback effects. Gradually the pitch of the first layer becomes higher and its presence fades somewhere in the back in a subtle way. Only a few events disrupt this continuous turn that after the first half of the track takes the reverse route till the end of the track when static noise overwhelms the track. As abruptly as it starts “Tension”ends. No fade ins = No fade outs. The title of the track defines it absolutely. The second track is a lot different.

“Friction” is some 5 minutes shorter. Space is a lot more prominent here and this fact creates an eerie atmosphere. Sharab’s bowl comes to forth along slowly pulsating reverb drone from resonan. The artist contributions are more apparent in this track that sounds a lot like a discussion in contrast to “Tension”’s almost parallel monologues. “Friction” in the background eventually forms a sparse organic breathing-like entity that sounds like a controlled menace.

The pairing of the two artists sounds quite promising. Their chemistry extends even in the overall presentation / packaging of the release as Shara provided the photos (landscapes shot probably from a moving car) that Resonan turned into a cover design. Even though I don’t understand the connection of the covers to the music (should there be one? Probably not) it really adds to the atmosphere. Personally I feel lot more inclined sonically to the second track that brought to forth almost improvisational aspects to the music as if everything was done in real time. I guess that “Tension” was like a meeting point, a shared interest but definitely (in my ears) it was the easiest thing to do. “friction” challenges the stereotypes of “Tension” it is more stoic and thoughtful, it promises more which is really great. I would definitely listen again to “Friction” which is not something that commonly happens to me with noise nowadays. It is one of the first  times lately to be sincere that I didn’t use the excuse of “it would have been better live”. Take care boys and I would love to hear from u in the future.

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December 11, 2015 5:59 pm

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