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Swimming In The Sky

, podcast, 2015


VAWAVAWA podcasts on mixcloud is a nice source for the listeners that are interesting on experimental music. These interesting brodcasts are updated rarely by Jani Hivronen and they focus on psychedelia, noise, drone, avantgarde, folk etc. The latest playlist “Swimming In The Sky ” features tracks from Sleep,  Magic,  No-Neck Blues Band,  Experimental Audio Research,  Solid Eye and more.

#5: Swimming in the Sky by Vawavawa on Mixcloud

Full playlist:

  1. Experimental audio research: mood for a summer sundown / phenomena 256, 1996
  2. Black to comm: soft skin origami / coldplay, elvis & john cage, 2011
  3. Magic: castle in the darkness / marionette karma, 1981
  4. No-neck blues band: four head food / nine for victor, 2006
  5. Sir richard bishop: head transplant / graviton polarity generator, 2010
  6. Points of friction: afterlife dna finger-painting / afterlife dna finger-painting, 2007
  7. Robert beatty: cone eater / soundtracks for takeshi murata, 2013
  8. Solid eye: fog forest / when the snowman starts to talk, 1997
  9. Sir richard bishop: the scrapian way / graviton polarity generator, 2010
  10. Sleep: filterline / ghostwriting, 2001
  11. Innercity: blind guide killing a lioness / a lion’s baptism, 2012

link: VAWAVAWA mixcloud

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December 27, 2015 2:37 pm

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