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Episode 4

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The show includes music by Henri Chopin , Henning Christiansen, Joe Jones, Philip Corner, Takis Vasilakis, Spencer Clark, Alessandro Bosetti, Lettera 22, Lieven Martens, Costis Drygianakis, Ø+yn, Ghérasim Luca, DR(DR)ONE, Monopoly Child Star Searchers

The moremars show prodcast through Amateur radio every Wednesday. Next show is scheduled for 11/01/2017

Full playlist is available here:

Intro – Talk
Lieven Martens – Four Pages, taken from the album “Coral Groups” (Edições CN, hand cut 10″ record / CS, 2016).
Lieven Martens – Sounds From The Valley, taken from the album “Two Pastorals” (Edições CN, hand cut 7″ record / CS, 2016).
Spencer Clark – Study For The World Of Shells, taken from the album “The Stimulated Australia” (Edições CN, LP, 2016).
Monopoly Child Star Searchers – Garden Of Kolymbetra, taken from the album “The Garnet Toucan”
Alessandro Bosetti – II, taken from the album “Plane / Talea” (Holidays records, LP, 2016)
Lettera 22 – 03, taken from the “Legacy Map” (Holidays records, 2X7, 2016)
Henning Christiansen – Hulemåned (Höhlenmonat) Op. 143, taken from the album “Musik Essayistik” (Holidays records, 2XLP, 2016)
Henning Christiansen – Maskemåned (Maskenmonat) Op. 148, taken from the album “Musik Essayistik” (Holidays records, 2XLP, 2016)
Costis Drygianakis – Επί πτερύγων ανέμων, taken from the album “Επί πτερύγων ανέμων” (Granny, CD, 2016)
Joe Jones – A Garden Party (Pt. 1), taken from the album “A Garden Party” (Edition Telemark, LP + Book, 2016)
Takis Vasilakis – Pendules Magnétiques, taken from the album “Pendules Magnétiques / Le Siècle De Kafka” (Alga Marghen, LP, 2009)
Philip Corner, James Fulkerson – OM.Duet:Jug And Bottle, taken from the album “Rocks Can Fall At Any Time” (moremars, LP, 2013)
Philip Corner – At Cavriago, R.E., taken from the album “Metal Meditations” (Alga Marghen, LP, 1997)
Ø+yn – Esos Picos Tienen Energía, taken from the album “Tentaculeando A La Puna” (Taping Policies, CS, 2013)
Uton – Unknown, no information available
Henri Chopin – Dentales Soufflees, taken from the album “OH audiopoems” (Slowscan, LP, 2016)
Ghérasim Luca – Axiome: L’Homme, taken from the album “Théâtre De Bouche” (Holidays, LP, 2016)
DR(DR)ONE – Part F, taken from the album “Alphatron” (Colin Johnco records, MP3, 2009)

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January 7, 2017 4:28 pm

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