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L'etranger Show

, Radio Panik, 1.07.2015


L’etranger Show is a radio show that broadcast through Radio Panik, in Brussels. The show #333 was originally released in 01 of July in 2015, when in Greece the political situation was very critical. The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had launched a referendum on July 5, by asking the people if they agree with the austerity measures proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission (EC) and the European Central Bank (ECB) on 25 June 2015. The result of the Greek referendum was NO, rejecting the bailout conditions, but at last, the Greek Prime Minister and the Greek parliament sigh a new loan in 10 of July, giving the feeling of a “drastic turnaround” of people wants.


The L’etranger podcast is presenting us in a very targeted manner the situation in Greece through a chanel zapping of the Greek radio. between the tracks you will listen revolutionary songs, talk shows about the referendum, popular songs and more!


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Some of the songs that you will listen are in the above playlist:


1. Vibracathedral Orchestra – Hough
from ‘Rec Blast Motorbike’ LP (VHF Records, USA) 2015
2. Danielle Lemaire – ‘I Can’t Blame One Person For The Whole Nation’ / ‘Kindermondharminica, Gitaar’
from ‘Darling’ LP (Inner Landscapes, Netherlands) 1998
3. Michael Morley – MBC#1
from ‘Music Box Compositions’ digital release 2015
4. Ossia – Ice & Blood
from ‘Red X’ 12″ (Blackest Ever Black, UK) 2015
5. Danielle Lemaire – ‘Lied voor Rosalie’ / Poolse meosjes op het damestoilet in nachtclub Bialystock, Polen’ / ‘Militaire Poolse harmonie op een avond in Biaystock’ / Zingende lerse arbeider in de bus van Shannon airport op weg naar Cork’
from ‘Darling’ LP (Inner Landscapes, Netherlands) 1998
5. Guttersnipe – cymose-cathexi
from ‘demo’ digital release, 2015
6. Chicaloyoh – Elle Riait Seule
from ‘Paroles Creuses’ digital release, 2015
7. Michael Morley – MBC#2
from ‘Music Box Compositions’ digital release 2015
8. Danielle Lemaire – ‘Zingende lerse arbeider in de bus van Shannon airport op weg naar Cork / Sidney in de auto van Bosten airport naar Brockten / Eenzin uit een Engels radiohoorspel / ‘Will We Eat Ice Cream?’
from ‘Darling’ LP (Inner Landscapes, Netherlands) 1998
9. Un Drame Musical Instantaé – French Resistance
from ‘Dry Lungs II’ LP (Placebo Records, USA) 1986
10. EVOL – Flapper That (excerpt)
from ‘S/T’ 12″ (Diagonal Records, UK) 2015
11. Соломенные Еноты (Straw Raccoons) – Старость (Old Age)
from ‘Недостоверные данные о счастье’ cassette (Self released, Russia) 1994
12. Danielle Lemaire – ‘Be aware / Darling’
from ‘Darling’ LP (Inner Landscapes, Netherlands) 1998
13. Luminous Monsters – Suns
from ‘The Sun Tree’ digital release, 2015
14. Angina Pectoris – Crying Wolf
from ‘On The Burning Funeral Pyre’ CD (KM-Musik, Germany) 1993
15. Danielle Lemaire – ‘Het einde’
from ‘Darling’ LP (Inner Landscapes, Netherlands) 1998
16. Swiftumz – Travels with Charlie
from ‘Everybody Loves Chris’ digital release (Melters, USA) 2015
17. Lynne Tillman – Hung Up
from ‘Tellus The Audio Cassette Magazine #7 The Word I’ cassette (Tellus, USA) 1985


link: http://www.radiopanik.org/emissions/l-etranger/show-335/

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