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episode 5#

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The show includes music by David Phillips, Sean McCann, Colin Potter (NWW), Smegma, Matthew P. Hopkins, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Vincent Over The Sink, Sindre Bjerga, Daniel Johnston, Hostage Pageant and City Medicine.

This moremars show prodcast was hosted on Amateur radio (11/01/2017)

Full playlist is available here:

Sindre Bjerga – Instant Infinity, taken from the album “Infinity Machine” (Coherent States, CS, 2016).
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – I am the Cello, taken from the album “Wondrous Intermission” (Coherent States, CS, 2016).
Colin Potter – AVOCEF 1, taken from the 7”inch “Fecova” (Coherent States, White 7″ lathe-cut, 2016)
Dave Phillips – Selective Memory / Perception, taken from the album “Selective Memory / Perception” (noise-below / fréquences critiques, CD, 2016).
Sean McCann – Seam of the Ocean (QA. 1), taken from the album “Music For Public Ensemble” (Recital, 2XLP, 2016)
Sean McCann – Waltz, taken from the album “Music For Public Ensemble” (Recital, 2XLP, 2016)
Smegma – 16 Shirt’s Off, taken from the album “Ya Gotta Get Really Crazy” (Thalamos, CS, 2016)
Smegma – World Of My Own, taken from the album “Mirage” (Important, LP/CD, 2010)
Matthew P. Hopkins – To A Door, taken from the album “Calls” (Thalamos, CS, 2016)
Vincent Over The Sink – Mice In The Ocean, taken from the album “22 Coloured Bull Terriers” (Another Dark Age, LP, 2015)
Daniel Johnston – Walking The Cow. taken from the album “Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album” (Stress, CS, 1986)
Hostage Pageant – An Obstruction, taken from the album “Barren Terminals” (Hologram, LP, 2016)
City Medicine – Part I, taken from the album “Catch Me” (Not On Label, CS, 2016)
City Medicine – Part II, taken from the album “Catch Me” (Not On Label, CS, 2016)
Keller – Codex, taken from the compilation “Ex Yu Electronica Vol I: Hometaping In Self-Management” (Monofonika, LP, 2010)

Amateur Radio: link

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