high hopes matt Krefting LP


High Hopes

, Open Mouth, 2013


A great music story begins with a wonderful intriguing sleeve. High Hopes artwork is one of the most brilliant covers I have ever seen, a great piece of art that make this LP very attractive at first sight. A quite weird sketch collage with such a beautiful aesthetic!

What about music? High Hopes may be the first album that I would definitely include it to the very best ones  for the year 2013. It could be considered as a soundtrack of a lo-fi dream. Mat Krefting uses cassette recordings of a piano, vocals, orchestra, noises e.t.g  constructing an unclear ambient environment with a distinctly old-timey feel. The 2 long run tracks included here could be one as the sounds that be used reappear and recomposed to a drony loop with no end. This is the best work of his that could stand very close to Dylan Nyoukis and Dusa aesthetic. I enjoy it a lot. Play it on repeat!


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December 11, 2015 4:19 pm

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