Lionel Marchetti | Yan Jun – 23 Formes En Elastique [cd], The Only Authentic Work [text] (Subjam, CD+Book)


23 Formes En Elastique [cd], The Only Authentic Work [text]

, , Subjam, 2013


I really love listening new musical works by Lionel Marchetti. In my opinion, he is one of the most respectful composers / poets / philosophers of our days, experimenting with musique concrète and electro-acoustic musical forms. His discography is a long list with many interesting solo works and many collaborations, a lot of them with his friend Jérôme Noetinger (Metamkine). Some years before, when I start searching about his work, I really stuck on Marchetti’s collaboration with dancer / choreographer yoko higashi, a great combination of electroacoustic music and modern dance.

Yan Jun is a Chinese musician and writer. I am not familiar with his work as a musician neither as a writer. In fact, I don’t know much about Chinese improvised scene. Sometime I was really curios about it, but unfortunately I lost contact, while I notice that Sugar Jar, the only independent record store in China, was closed permanently. Its fanny cos Yan is referring on Sugar Jar and his owner Lao Yang in his first essay in this book, something that make me more curious about his texts. While I was reading the 23 essays of Yan I can say that I start re discover not only the Chinese way of thinking but also the France history of avant-garde. Yan Jun is interesting on Marchetti’s work and he is inspired of it, letting his thoughts be led by the music. He likes chatting/writing in a very informal but quite thoughtful way about musique concrète, literature, poems and the “authentication of work of art”. It was very interesting for me to read his texts, while I was listening on the “23 Formes En Elastique” by Lionel Marchetti. This new work by him is including 23 tracks, length more than 77 min of music. This is a pure sample of musique concrète and electro-acoustic music, keeping a beautiful balance between real time composition and improvisation. Marchetti works with a narrative perspective, using pickups, tapes and field recording. Also, silence plays an important role here, helping you be more focused on sound.

I really enjoy of this release not only musically but also as a concept. I like the book format. It made it more welcome!


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December 11, 2015 4:33 pm

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