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, Discrepant, 2013


Ethnological music or what we call today “world music” is a quite generic musical gem. If you are interested in it you will probably have noticed that it is very easy to be lost in all these long lists of releases that finally it may not be so interesting. Sometimes the “authenticity” of the sound material depends on various factors such as the date of the recording, the location and conditions that took place, as well as the taste of the ethnomusicologist.

Kink Gong is the sound project of Laurent Jeanneau, most known as a specialist for documenting and recording ethnic minority music, as well as for the documentary “Small Path Music” by David Harris. Till now, he has contributed recordings for labels as Musiques du MondeSublime Frequencies e.t.c., giving as an original taste of the folkloric musical tradition and the soundscape itself from places like China, Laos and Tibet.

Under the name Kink Gong, Laurent Jeanneau is present us his original catalogue of rare minority music but also his own music utilizing remixes of the recording that he has made during his travels. “Voices” is his last work, using unreleased recordings from southern regions of Yunnan and Guizhou in China as well as in Sapa, North Vietnam and Phongsaly, Northern Laos. For this album he mixed voices and instruments recorded on location and computer modified parts, creating a very interesting sound collage. “Voices” aesthetic is closed to his previous and already sold out LP “Xinjiang”, proving once again his very good taste on the sound samples which he used and his compositional abilities.


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December 11, 2015 4:41 pm

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