dmz - arex boreal cassette by tanzprocesz label, France


Carex Boréal

, Tanzprocesz, 2016


DMZ is Jo Tanz, the founder of [tanzprocesz] music label from France. Carex Boréal is his latest album that comes out as a cassette. The most of the tracks here are no longer than 3 min and all together could be seen as a 36 min long composition. Carex Boréal includes 8 parts which sonically sounds very similar. Jo Tanz uses synthesisers, sound generators,etc constructing a DIY sonic chaos. He approaches of the material with an experimental point of view, uniting and mixing noise surfaces, rhythms and synth sounds. Each track is based on a music idea, a main sound or rhythm. While I was listening to it I couldn’t understand when a track ends. Very often the musical plot was interrupted something completely new, which made me face this release as a texture music collage. Αs time passed listening to DMZ new cassette, the music manages to intrigue me and finally to enjoy this album a lot.

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April 22, 2016 7:45 pm

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