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Mohammad – Zo Rèl Do (CD/LP, 2014, Antifrost)

Mohammad is a Greek trio, who consists of Nikos Veliotis, Ilios and Coti K, all of them been recognized internationally for their solo music careers. As Mohammad, they are working on the principles of inter-modulation between electronic and acoustic sources. Zo Rèl Do is their forth full length album and it is the first volume of a trilogy that explores the sound of geographical area between 34°Ν – 42°Ν & 19°Ε – 29°Ε, which is the region between Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. The album starts with a field recording of a crowded place (market place?) that unintentionally reminds me some of the recording of the ethnomusicologist researcher Deben Bhattacharya in Asia. The following tracks are characterized by a heavy drone instrumentation using contra-bass, cello, electric double bass and some electronics. Mohammad explores the acoustics of space, filling it with strong vibrations and doom like resonances. Playing slow and steadily they create a religious atmosphere and repetitive sound patterns, deeply inspired by the Greek traditional music.

Coagul – La Roda De La Justicia (LP, 2013, Magia Roja)

Marc O’Callaghan is a Catalan illustrator artist and musician. Coagul is his solo sound project, exploring the limits of industrial music, using synthesizers, voice and bells. Been active from 2009, Marc has released some very obscure works, in various formats, most of them published in Spanish small run labels. La Roda De La Justicia comes out as a solid red colored vinyl LP accompanied with some very characteristic art illustrations made by Marc and a detailed inlay cart in red color. This album includes eight tracks that were formed over the years 2009 to 2012. Coagul here, maintains a good level of minimal geometric music forms, using repetitive noise parts and half-clean vocals in Catalan. This music explores the sonic torture soundscape and the limits of the sound equipment, searching amidst the stylistic territories of Post-Industrial and bands like throbbing gristle.

The Tenses – Howard (LP, 2014, audioMER)

The Tenses is a duo comprised of Ju Suk Reet Meate and Jackie Oblivia, known most for their participation in Smegma, the American experimental noise group formed in Pasadena, California in 1973. Howard includes three compositions that it was made in Smegma’s studio in Portland, Oregon in 2011 and a live concert recording. This new project is exploring sound and space, using turntables, reel-to-reel machines, electronics, distorted surf guitar, coronet etc. It’s a bit unclear what you listen about, a pretty chaotic collage of sounds, radio signals, looped voices, sound effects and instruments that creates a real obscure atmosphere. What we’ve got here is a unique cacophony in terms of psychedelic free-jazz noise and avant garde. This is a great sound experience of a multi-textured pattern of a distinctly idiosyncratic idiom of music.

Dave Phillips & Aspec(t) – Medusa (CD, 2014, noise below/)

Dave Phillips has been sonically active for over 25 years, with a great number of releases and collaborations with artists like Francisco Meirino, The New Blockaders, Rudolf etc. Dave was the co-founder of the Swiss hardcore-extremists Fear of God in 1987, after that he started his solo music carrier as an activist performer. Aspec(t) are SEC_ and Mario Gabola from Italy. They make free improvisation/noise music, using tape recorders, computer, contact mics, resonant drums etc. Medusa is a conceptual project CD inspired from a sentence from George Monbiot’s article “Feeding Frenzy” that says “The jellyfish represents the collapse of the ecosystem and the spinelessness of the people charged with protecting it”. Source material was recorded at The Basement, in Napoli, in April 2011. Sonically, this is a pure sample of musique concrete, quite atmospheric with a lot of interposed periods of abstract sounds, noise, and field recordings. Well structured compositions with a notion of temporality and cinematic continuity. Great stuff!

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